Integração de sistemas

Systems integration

One of the major challenges of integrators is to combine systems with different purposes (video, audio, lighting, etc.) and from different producers, in order to have them working as a single system. SYSGLOB does it efficiently by using the best brands in the market.

Audio Multiroom

Audio Multiroom

The audio multiroom systems implemented by SYSGLOB allows you to enjoy music from different sources – music server, CD players or even your iPod/iPhone/iPad – simultaneously in any area of your house, indoors or outdoors.

Vídeo Multiroom

Video Multiroom

A Video Multiroom system allows great flexibility in the video contents distribution. Each room has an independent control for the volume and for the content to be seen, including the choice on the wanted video source (media server, DVD, etc.). SYSGLOB implements elegant, flexible, and high performance Video Multiroom solutions.

Home Cinema

Home Cinema

Move forward with technology and tune in with a multimedia system that is able to take you from your home to a cinema as soon as you switch on your television. SYSGLOB designs Home Cinema systems tailored to each client’s profile, in a perfect harmony with the spaces and their decoration. Integrating several devices and software for entertainment. Sound and picture quality will be defined using the most advanced TV and audio systems that are centrally controlled with the utmost simplicity and design.

Controlo de iluminação

Lighting control

With the growing ecological concern, and with the increase of the energy cost, it is more and more important to make an efficient management of the electricity expenses. SYSGLOB implements intelligent lighting systems, indoors and outdoors, so that you have the necessary light where and when you need.

CCTV & Segurança

CCTV & Security

SYSGLOB goes beyond the simple installation of the CCTV and Security system for houses and buildings, betting on the implementation of an integrated surveillance model that is effective and technologically evolved. A model that is capable of ensuring distance monitoring and management that are adjusted to the needs of the coverage area.

Custom Intercom

Custom Intercom

SYSGLOB implements intercom Siedle solutions
Siedle is the leading International manufacturer of a complete range of custom intercom and security systems with full-featured master inside stations and access control solutions to complex building communication systems.

Voice Control

Voice Control

Control your lights, shutters, HVAC, background music and all your systems with your voice.
Voice Control lets you command your home with your voice.

IT e Redes de Dados

IT and Data Networks

Setting a difference with a value proposal based on technology, SYSGLOB offers an integrated control IT and Data Networks service that ensures the design of a unique, simple and safe software. A software that is able to correspond to the needs of each client by providing access and control through different interfaces such as smartphones, tablets or PC.

Engenharia e Consultoria

Engineering and Consulting

Working with a solid technical component that it is totally aimed at serving and supporting business clients in the field of construction, electricity, architecture and engineering companies, as well as private clients, SYSGLOB provides support in engineering and consulting by making available its experience for the boldest projects from entertainment facilities or shopping centres to offices and houses.

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